Powerhouse has been retained to provide services by a number of financial institutions and waste management companies, providing a range of services across a number of AD and composting plants. The portfolio of engagements includes

  • Full operation and maintenance services for an operational food waste AD and IVC plant
  • Full project management services for an AD expansion project
  • Maintenance contract for an operational agricultural AD plant
  • Consultancy and advisory services for two operational food waste AD plants
  • Due diligence and technical reviews to support the acquisition of an operational food waste AD plant
  • Due diligence and technical reviews to support the acquisition of an operational general waste and composting business
  • Concept design and feasibility study for a new waste and agricultural biogas to grid project
  • Expert witness services for a leading international consultancy and its legal advisors

Case Studies

Powerhouse provides a full range of management services for a waste AD and IVC business based in Scotland. Powerhouse manages day to day operations, provides technical, engineering, compliance and commercial services, financial management and accountancy, and the full suite of executive services. Powerhouse works with the business at every level, providing line management for the site staff through to Company Secretarial and Director responsibilities for the funder and its Board.

During 2016/17, Powerhouse led the development of the food waste AD plant into one of the top performing plants in the UK. Focusing on exceptional standards of quality, compliance, customer service and technical performance, Powerhouse out performed expectations for its client. Notable achievements in the year were as follows

  • The plant maintained a consistently exceptional level of AD plant performance throughout the entire year, achieving over 98% of theoretical power output for the year (92% of plated capacity). This was achieved through a combination of excellent operator performance by the site staff and a thorough and comprehensive maintenance regime managed by Powerhouse.
  • The facility was classed as “Excellent” for its compliance performance by its regulator, SEPA, with no odour complaints and no compliance issues, a highly creditable performance in the waste and AD sector.
  • PAS110 was achieved and maintained for 100% of digestate, which was entirely recycled to land as a valuable fertiliser. The plant produced a consistently high-quality fertiliser product, gaining revenue for the first time.
  • Overall, the business exceeded plan for the financial year. The plant was consistently profitable, exceeding both its revenue and cost targets.
  • The business maintained an exceptional standard of customer care with 100% availability for waste customers, without a single closure.

Powerhouse provides its client with a wealth of expertise and experience, providing the business and its funders with a Blue Chip quality of management within the affordability of a Small Enterprise.

Powerhouse managed the installation and commissioning of a new CHP on an AD facility in Scotland. The new engine, part of a major expansion programme at the facility, had to be installed and commissioned to meet the March 2016 deadline of ROCs degression, a major challenge for our client given the installation needed planning permission, a new grid connection, installation and commissioning; all on a fully operational facility with 24/7 operations.

Powerhouse was responsible for the management of the entire project and overcame some significant challenges in a time-challenged period.

  • Against a high pressure time deadline, Powerhouse put in place a power export agreement with the local network operator, project managed the installation of a private 11KV export line and managed the integration with the exporter’s generating station.
  • Powerhouse completed all regulatory applications; planning, PPC permit variation and Ofgem accreditation. The planning process included consultation with a number of local stakeholder and community groups. Powerhouse led a process of presentations and discussion groups, arranged plant visit and provided educational information to consultees. While an application for a waste fed AD plant can often be controversial, Powerhouse was able to obtain planning permission without a single objection. As a PPC permitted facility, the application for a major extension is complex and detailed. Powerhouse liaised with the regulator at an early stage, agreed the information, survey and analysis requirements, and was able to submit a comprehensive application that resulted in a minimal level of queries from the regulator.
  • Installation of the new CHP against the deadline for accreditation, on an operating facility, was a significant project challenge in its own right. Powerhouse appointed an Installation Manager to work closely with the site management and operating team, carefully coordinating the installation to minimise impact on the operations. The engine was installed on time and on budget, the G59 test was passed successfully and Ofgem accreditation was successfully achieved before the deadline. This was all achieved with minimal impact on the ongoing operations, not a single impact on customer deliveries and close to zero loss of power production.

Powerhouse is directly managing a significant AD expansion project, doubling the waste size and trebling the power output. The current plant is part of an integrated waste facility on a very challenging site with both contours and limited space. Powerhouse led the challenging design process with some quite unique design solutions.

  • The expansion requires the construction of a 6,000m³ digestate storage tank on a hillside with a requirement to maintain a 110% bund volume to meet CIRIA requirements under the PPC permit. We consulted widely with site staff, civil engineers, designers and other operators and devised a solution of sinking the tank into the hillside, using granite from the top dig to form the level base of the lower contour. With this solution, in a single stroke we resolved the bunding issues by reducing the above ground tank volume and we were able to recycle all the stone to minimise cost and environmental impact.
  • The current operation comprises primary and secondary digesters, together with a digestate storage tank. After considering many options to increase hydraulic capacity, an innovative solution was developed; to convert the digestate tank to a secondary digester, the secondary digester to a primary, together doubling digestion capacity at a stroke. This solution also has the additional benefit of allowing a seamless commissioning process without the requirement to close the operating plant.

Powerhouse is managing the upgrade project directly, appointing designers and installation companies directly and sourcing technology components in-house. Applying the expertise of Powerhouse to the project, and appointing expert process engineers directly, we were able to realise both significant savings and programme advantages for the client.

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